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May 2020
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Lista de artículos

I. Esteban-Cornejo, F.B. Ortega Porcel and A. Catena Martínez,  "Neural perspectives on cognitive control development during childhood and adolescence should take into account how obesity affects brain development", "Acta Paediatrica" , vol.107, 720-721, 2018
D. Petrova, M.A. Bernabeu-Litrán, E. García Mármol, M.D. Rodríguez-Rodríguez, M.B. Cueto Martin, E. Lopez-Huertas León, A. Catena Martínez and J. Fonolla Joya,  "Effects of fortified milk on cognitive abilities in school-aged children: results from a randomized-controlled trial", "European Journal of Nutrition" , -, 2018
J. Vera Vilchez, R. Jiménez Rodríguez, J.C. Perales López, J.A. García García and D. Cárdenas Vélez,  "Baseline Intraocular Pressure Is Associated With Subjective Sensitivity to Physical Exertion in Young Males", "Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport" , vol.89, 25-37, 2018
A. Megías Robles, A. Cándido Ortíz, A. Maldonado Lopez and A. Catena Martínez,  "Neural correlates of risk perception as a function of risk level: An approach to the study of risk through a daily life task", "Neuropsychologia" , vol.119, 464-473, 2018
C. Martínez Ruiz De Lara, J.F. Navas Pérez, C. Soriano-Mas , G. Sescousse and J.C. Perales López,  "Regional grey matter volume correlates of gambling disorder, gambling-related cognitive distortions, and emotion-driven impulsivity" , -, 2018
D. Garrido Del Águila, G. Carballo García, J. Artis and R. García-Retamero Imedio,  "Timing of Parents Concerns Related to Autism Spectrum Disorder and its Diagnosis: A Mediation Analysis ", "The Spanish Journal of Psychology" , vol.21, -, 2018
A. Megías Robles, I. Rzeszewska, L.F. Aguado-Quintero and A. Catena Martínez,  "Influence of cross-ethnic social experience on face recognition accuracy and the visual perceptual strategies involved", "International Journal of Intercultural Relations" , vol.65, 42-50, 2018
D. Cárdenas Vélez, I. Madinabeitia Cabrera, J. Vera Vilchez, J.C. Perales López, A. García Ramos, E. Ortega Toro, E. Catena-Verdejo and A. Catena Martínez,  " Strength, Affect Regulation, and Subcortical Morphology in Military Pilots.", "Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise" , vol.50, 722-728, 2018

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