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July 2020
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I. Hinojosa Aguayo and F. González Reyes,  "Affect-driven impulsivity impairs human action control and selection, as measured through Pavlovian instrumental transfer and outcome devaluation",  The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, vol.73 , 537-554, 2020
J. Zavala-Crichton, I. Esteban-Cornejo, P. Solís-Urra, J.R. Mora González, C. Cadenas Sánchez, M. Rodriguez García, J. Hidalgo Migueles, P. Molina García, J. Verdejo Román, A.F. Kramer, C.H. Hillman, K.I. Erickson, A. Catena Martínez and F.B. Ortega Porcel,  "Association of Sedentary Behavior with Brain Structure and Intelligence in Children with Overweight or Obesity: The ActiveBrains Project",  Journal of Clinical Medicine, vol.9 , e1101-, 2020
J. Hidalgo Migueles, C. Cadenas Sánchez, I. Esteban-Cornejo, L.V. Torres-López, E. Aadland, S. Chastin, K.I. Erickson, A. Catena Martínez and F.B. Ortega Porcel,  "Associations of Objectively-Assessed Physical Activity and Sedentary Time with Hippocampal Gray Matter Volume in Children with Overweight/Obesity",  Journal of Clinical Medicine, vol.9 , E1080-, 2020
C. Cadenas Sánchez, I. Esteban-Cornejo, J. Hidalgo Migueles, I. Labayen Goñi, J. Verdejo Román, J.R. Mora González, P. Henriksson, J. Maldonado Lozano, J. Gomez-Vida, C.H. Hillman, K.I. Erickson, A.F. Kramer, A. Catena Martínez and F.B. Ortega Porcel,  "Differences in Brain Volume between Metabolically Healthy and Unhealthy Overweight and Obese Children: The Role of Fitness.",  Journal of Clinical Medicine, vol.9 , e1059-, 2020
C. Cadenas Sánchez, J. Hidalgo Migueles, I. Esteban-Cornejo, J.R. Mora González, P. Henriksson, M. Rodriguez García, P. Molina García, M. Löf, I. Labayen Goñi, C.H. Hillman, A. Catena Martínez and F.B. Ortega Porcel,  "Fitness, physical activity and academic achievement in overweight/obese children",  Journal of Sports Sciences, vol.38 , 731-740, 2020
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M. Fernández Alcántara, J. Verdejo Román, F. Cruz Quintana, M. Pérez García, M.I. Fernández-Ávalos, A. Catena Martínez and M.N. Pérez Marfil,  "Increased Amygdala Activations during the Emotional Experience of Death-Related Pictures in Complicated Grief: An fMRI Study",  Journal of Clinical Medicine, vol.9 , 851-, 2020
L. Gracia Marco, I. Esteban-Cornejo, M. Rodriguez García, J.R. Mora González, P. Solís-Urra, C. Cadenas Sánchez, J. Verdejo Román, A. Catena Martínez, K.I. Erickson and F.B. Ortega Porcel,  "Lean mass index is positively associated with white matter volumes in several brain regions in children with overweight/obesity.",  Pediatric Obesity, vol.15 , 12604-, 2020
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