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May 2020
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C. Martín Pérez, J. Verdejo Román, J.F. Navas Pérez, O. Contreras Rodríguez, I. Muela, R. Vilar López and A. Verdejo García,  "Emotional brain system: associations with insulin resistance and food craving in adolescents with excess weight", "Internacional Active Brains for All: Exercise, Cognition and Mental Health", None-None, 2017
S. Cordovilla-Guardia and J.F. Navas Pérez,  "Study of the association between consumption of psychotropic drugs and falls in patients admitted for trauma", " International Council of Nurses Congress", None-None, 2017
J. Verdejo Román, F.J. Torres Espinola, M.M. García Bermúdez, A. Catena Martínez and C. Campoy Folgoso,  "White matter integrity showed an abnormal development in child born to mothers with high BMI", "10th World Congress on Developmental Origins of Health and Disease", None-None, 2017
C. Martínez Ruiz De Lara, C. Soriano-Mas , I. Martinez-Zalacain, O. Ripolles, M. Subira, E. Via, G. Mitja, J. Munuera, J.M. Menchón, C.G. Ruffini and N. Cardoner,  "Optimized multielectrode tDCS modulates corticolimbic networks: a placebo-controlled crossover study", "EUROPEAN COLLEGE OF NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY WORKSHOP FOR JUNIOR SCIENTISTS IN EUROPE", None-None, 2017
J. Verdejo Román, C. Martinez-Zaldivar, A. Catena Martínez and C. Campoy Folgoso,  "Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, but not folate, supplementation during pregnacy is related with weaker brain connectivity in children at 10 years of age", "50th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition", None-None, 2017
J.F. Navas Pérez "Visceral fat and insular networks in excess weight: Effects on food craving and weight regulation.", "EUROPEAN COLLEGE OF NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY WORKSHOP FOR JUNIOR SCIENTISTS IN EUROPE", None-None, 2017
D. Garrido Del Águila, G. Carballo García and R. García-Retamero Imedio,  "Entre los síntomas tempranos y el diagnóstico de TEA: Un modelo mediacional", "IV Congreso Internacional de Autismo en Murcia", None-None, 2017
C. Martín Pérez and J.F. Navas Pérez,  "Striatal hyperactivation associates with insulin resistance and reward delay discounting in adolescents with excess weight", "30 th European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Congress", None-None, 2017

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