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marzo 2018
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D.F. Spears, I. Fernández-Linsenbarth, Y. Okan Gil, M. Ruz Cámara and F. González Reyes,  "Disfluent fonts lead to more utilitarian decisions in moral dilemmas", "Psicológica" , vol.39, 41-63, 2018
A. De La Torre-Luque, M.C. Díaz Piedra and G. Buela-Casal ,  "Effects of preferred relaxing music after acute stress exposure: A randomized controlled trial", "Psychology of Music" , vol.Febrero, 1-19, 2017
D. Garrido Del Águila, L.R. Watson, G. Carballo García, R. García-Retamero Imedio and E. Crais,  "Infants At-Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Patterns of Vocalizations at 14 Months", "Autism research : official journal of the International Society for Autism Research" , vol.00, 00-00, 2017
F. Del Petre, T. Steward, J.F. Navas Pérez, F. Fernández-Aranda, S. Jiménez-Murcia, T.P.S. Oei and J.C. Perales López,  "The role of affect-driven impulsivity in gambling cognitions: A convenience-sample study with a Spanish version of the Gambling-Related Cognitions Scale", "Journal of Behavioral Addctions" , vol.Ahead of print, 1-13, 2017
A. Catena Martínez, C. Martinez-Zaldivar Moreno, F.J. Torres Espinola, M.D.P. Brandi Blanco, M. Perez Garcia and C. Campoy Folgoso,  "On the relationship between head circumference, brain size, prenatal long-chain PUFA/5-methyltetrahydrofolate supplementation and cognitive abilities during childhood.", "British Journal of Nutrition" , 1-9, 2017
E. Orellana, C. Arias, F. González Reyes and P. Abate,  "Context-dependent extinction of an appetitive operant conditioning response in infant rats", "Developmental Psychobiology" , vol.59, 348-356, 2017
A. Megías Robles, D. Petrova, J.F. Navas Pérez, A. Cándido Ortíz, A. Maldonado Lopez and A. Catena Martínez,  "Neuroanatomical changes as a function of experience in a complex daily task: a VBM and DTI study on driving experience. ", "Brain Imaging and Behavior" , -, 2017
B. Cobo Rodríguez, M.D.M. Rueda García and F. Lopez Torrecillas,  "Application of randomized response techniques for investigating cannabis use by Spanish university students", "International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research" , -, 2017

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